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Family waking with young daughter in bed

Better Sleep for Mind and Body

Get your sleep back on track with Dr. Jason Ong, Nox Health’s Director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, as he explains the connection between poor sleep, chronic disease, weight gain, and depression.

Devices in the dark: helpful or hindrance?

Our electronic devices are always with us — even in the bedroom. While using certain devices at bedtime can make it difficult to sleep, some may be useful for sleep tracking. Our chief medical officer, Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, demystifies devices in this free webinar.

Sleep well for your mental health

Good sleep contributes to your mood, cognitive function and overall mental health. Learn more about the link between sleep and mental health from Dr. Alp Sinan Baran.

Sleep: The secret to goal success

Let healthy sleep give you an edge to meet your goals. Shannon Cyr, MSW, vice president of SleepCharge Care Operations, will teach you how in this informative webinar.

Webinar: Sleep's impact on diabetes​

Sleep’s impact on diabetes

Learn how sleep affects blood sugar, helping you manage diabetes and prediabetes. Dr. Alp Sinan Baran also presents helpful sleep hygiene tips for a better night’s sleep.