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Rest easy with SleepCharge

1. Sleep Checkup™

Start with a quick online assessment to get a snapshot of your sleep.

2. Physician consult

Meet virtually with a sleep medicine physician, who develops your treatment plan.

3. Coaching support

Begin your treatment, with support from our team of sleep experts who are available any time you need them.

Is tired your new normal?

We’ll help you and your family get the peaceful rest you need.

The SleepCharge program is available through participating employers.

Sleep doesn't have to be a struggle

Have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? Still tired even if you think you’re getting enough sleep? Spouse’s snoring keeping you up? Has your sleep deteriorated due to stress from the past year?

We can help!

With SleepCharge


No more navigating between different providers for care, supplies and claim submission — we do it all for you.


Work virtually with our board-certified sleep physicians and specialists, at a time and place convenient to you.


Whether you have a chronic health condition or just need help to get back on track, our care plans can help.

How can SleepCharge help you?  

SleepCharge is available to members whose employers are partnered with us. Contact us for more information.