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Sleep Summit

Hosted by SleepCharge

Thank you for attending the 2021 Sleep Summit!

Check out the available recordings below.

March 18, 2021

Thank you for attending our 2021 Sleep Summit!


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Roundtable: Your Compass on the Road to Good Health

First stop on our hike to the Summit is with our Care Operations teams as they walk you through the SleepCharge Program and answer common questions.

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Webinar: Are Wearables a Trustworthy Guide to Sleep?

Wearables are the height of trendy, but can you trust yours to accurately track your sleep? Learn about the latest thinking in wearables in this exciting session.

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AMA: Scaling the Height of Sleep Disturbances

Do you have disturbed sleep? This AMA may be for you! Join Dr. Alp Sinan Baran as he identifies and addresses a range of common sleep disturbances.

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Roundtable: Break the Pain-Sleep Loss Cycle

Got aches and pains? Our sleep medicine physicians can tell you how to avoid the steep climb to sleep by breaking the cycle of pain and sleep loss.

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AMA: The Pinnacle of Healthy Eating

Late night munchies causing you to lose sleep? Get the grand tour of how food choices affect your sleep in this Ask Me Anything session.

Attend one session and you’re automatically entered to win a prize (the more sessions you attend, the more entries you get). If you take the Sleep Checkup™ before the end of the week, you’re entered to win the grand prize!

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Thank you for attending!



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