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Insomnia woman on phone in bed

What can you do when you have insomnia?

Insomnia is the most common sleep problem and something nearly everyone experiences from time to time. If you’ve had trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and/or have woken up in the early morning, you know what it’s like to have insomnia.

Devices in the dark: helpful or hindrance?

Our electronic devices are always with us — even in the bedroom. While using certain devices at bedtime can make it difficult to sleep, some may be useful for sleep tracking. Our chief medical officer, Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, demystifies devices in this free webinar.

Jet lag vs social jet lag

Jet lag and social jet lag are two different ways you can disrupt your 24-hour internal body clock called your circadian rhythm. Learn how they differ and how to stay on track with your body’s natural cycle.